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The river of peace

could flow again

but war makes

a harsh dry bed

a stopping point

where air is still

There is no win

just dead ends

The river of peace

shall only flow

when we learn

that love is the current

which carries it along




There’s a lot that

I don’t understand and

try as I might, my mind

never gets the upper hand

Too much time is spent

on trying to figure out

how to stand taller than

those shadows of all my doubts

I just wish everything

could be clear and clean

free from sorrow, void of pain

love, being all it would ever mean


I am placing the past

behind my back

like a soft pillow

to lean on only for comfort

Then, if the present

doesn’t get ripped open

in a frenzy, as I give way

 maybe the future will

hold me gently

in it’s innovative arms


Each night I hear the blare

of your horn, the rumble

of your weight, heavy like a snore

habitual in the darkness; but

if one evening, the din vanished

 I would miss the thought of you

lumbering along the stillness, colliding

into the silent drift of my dreams


Always wanted to please

but please don’t take

all of me, leave

something to me

that leaves me someone

who still wants to please


You were the one

that floated away

from a pool of blood

to the warm salty ocean

You were the brave one

not even waiting to know

what sort of limbs

might be needed

You never wasted

a single moment on

thought of this world

as you gave yourself

to dying, before

your life began

Wherever your

spirit is now

I hope I can one day

find the stream

that will carry me

back to you


MY heart

still loves

Love stills

my heart



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