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He’s ghostly

but it wasn’t his dream

He’s alive

just never seen

He wanders through the days alone

invisibility, all he’s ever known

He would really like to solidify

but he’s not sure if he should even try

So used to being seen straight through

showing up seems such a scary thing to do

and how to be real; well, he hasn’t got a clue



For the rest of my days

I will love you

hoping you believed

that taking your love

away from me

meant something

like strength of conviction

like it had to be done

I still can’t

make sense of it

since I’ve never been

able to get past how

“love one another”

turned into

“love the other

even when the other

doesn’t love you”

Still, I do

Photo 50

I know Blue

He sometimes comes

to stay awhile with me

When he’s around

I can barely breathe

He gets caught in my throat

or lingers too long

just behind my eyes

Pretending to be a friend

he steals clear thoughts

right out of my head

I then wind up in tears

I don’t dislike Blue

At least he makes me cry

It’s better than being ignored

without knowing

or understanding

the reason why