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No need to wrap it up

shouldn’t hide it ‘neath the tree

it’s much too special for that

anyone would have to agree

it’s okay to be seen; also heard

the perfect fit, just like a glove

the only cost a willing heart

to give the world, the gift of love



There’s no time for romancing

but sometimes we’re still dancing

in the kitchen; laughing

like before, ’til our sides

are stitching, where nothing

seemed a chore, side by side

it was all fun and laughing

not just in the kitchen, smiles wide

no troubles to be ditching; dancing,

lots of dancing; time, not a thought

 when it led to later romancing


If a heart has holes in it

joy leaks right through

This dampens hope

rendering it unable

to repair so many tears

Thus, hope reaches

for the protective coat

of love’s sweet embrace

before joy runs out

In union with love

hope finds strength to mend

this worn, torn heart

so once more, it can

hold joy inside