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Your eyes aimed on mine

triggering lips to then, smile

this heart is shot through

♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥ 

Lips touch lips so soft

igniting a fire inside

so worth the burning


Peace sways green in the wind

among sunlit blooms and tender new leaves

while blue sky heavens fill the open spaces

a view framed by my bedroom’s double window

Leafy crepe myrtle branches wave

in gestures that seemingly tease

as I am drawn outside

unifying me with the beauty

that surrounds at each turning degree

Nature and I are one

words so sad

the search is still on

lives summed up

peace doesn’t come

the picture never looks right

you remain the same

Monday One Stop Shadorma

She spotted him atop the distant hill

he smiled, bestowing in her, an instant thrill

his bronze skin shone, with the midday sun

and though her heart, he had long since won

she let it be captured once again

in a way such, as it had never been

like a startled bird, who takes to flight

fluttering its wings, with all its might

this sight of him had her so transfixed

 instinctive feelings stirred into a mix

this image burned itself upon her brain

where forevermore, it would remain

on days to come, and into dreams of some

her heart would soar, only to be stopped

as she joined her sun-kissed love, upon the hill’s top

this wasn’t the day I learned to walk

nor was it when I began to talk

i did not move to a new state

it wasn’t when i had my first date

or delightedly viewed a shooting star

nor got licensed to drive a car

i didn’t get married this year

or decide heights was one of my fears

no children were born to me

didn’t get stung by a bumblebee

it was just the first year i posted poetry

and today is my poetry-posting anniversary



I saw the old man running

running for his life

not away from someone coming

just to stay alive

he looked a man of 80 years

face focused and determined; I became endeared

marvelling that, run, he still could

thought him special, because he still would

in my eyes he became a young man

a mindful transformation, pleasantly unplanned

and though it was no marathon race he ran

I, instantly became, his biggest fan