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You never call

and the wall you’ve built

has no windows or doors

to open so, I’ll just wait

quietly for now, as time passes by

wondering how, you lost your voice

maybe it fell from your mouth

only you can tell, but perhaps I’ll hear

the phone ring while I’m  asleep

dreaming of the things we’ll say

like we did before, when, there

still was a way in, to your heart



Our eyes shall delight

at morn’s early light

while trees don their spring greenery

 as a backdrop of gorgeous scenery

 rising sun speckles its shine

to highlight subtle hues divine

amid saturated beauty of floral display

time slows, as we breathe in the day

April spills her rain

Mother Earth drinks it all in

turning a bit green

But it suits her to a tee

as she shows off in the spring