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birds fly »«

i sigh

no wings

i sing

birds sigh

no words

i fly »«

birds cry

i die

birds sing

 i’m high

no words

i fly

new sky

no wings


I have long detected

a certain disconnection

which stands not to be corrected

CARElessness has wrecked it

On recent introspection

if parts could be collected

which being definitely hectic

would only be an ugly reflection

with those involved going apoplectic

An attempt at best, merely pathetic

still ending with a certain bloody dissection

In a voice cracked, he spoke

for he had something to say:

For years I’ve been walked over; stepped on by folks

I no longer wish to be treated this way

Pelting showers have worn me down

my once sparkling self has turned gray

I’m old now; tired, misshapen by my roots

parts of me hurt, and I’ve begun to decay

The daily, followed path of more than a few

steadfastly I held ground, as on their way they’d go

But now I’d just like to stretcth next to the road

feel the grass caress my side, while I lay low

So, this morning as you prepare to head out

planning a course for your business of the day

I beg you please, to stay off the beaten path

The road less travelled will take you on your way


Mirror girl

where’s your smile

teeth still bright

nothing to hide

Mirror girl

who are you

not a mute

but so subdued

Mirror girl

show your face

fears abate

scars do fade

Mirror girl

why sad eyes

seek the light

the glow inside

Mirror girl

walk away

see the gate

past makes way

Mirror girl

what’s this mood

take a look

an image imbued

Mirror girl

mirror girl

the mirror

is you