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Photo 146

Lately, you are rearranged

I find your feng shui strange

It simply just doesn’t fit

with mine, even a bit

There’s no common ground

no board for sound

I’m not certain if this has been by design

but now, our angles never seem to align


Geta (Wooden Sandal)

These shoes fit me fairly well

I’ve worn them for a time

The shoes on your feet

very different from mine

Never have I tried yours on

neither have you mine, in kind

You know not the condition of my sole(s)

nor I, whether your walk might lead to gold

I will gladly tell you of my shoes

the journey, the comfort, the wear and tear

I too, will listen if, of your shoes

you choose some tales you dare to share

We then, will learn of each other’s trudging

and thus avoid a quickness in judging