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“I love you more than if I were the mom

and you were the child,” she whispered to me

at the time, I think she was only three

or maybe five

but without a doubt

already wise

her heart so giving and so pure

better than she or I

loved chocolate, for sure

And with these words all her own choice

as this little game we played

that sweet unforgettable voice

said everything to me that day

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #  # # #
This poem is for Thursday Poets Rally


Love, I do not know what you are

I let you come near again and again

but you always yank yourself away

I expose my heart to you

You take all the goodness

then you abandon me

Over and over this happens

no matter how I try to understand

the meaning of your name

I just wish you would not leave

this emptiness, so I could give

my heart to something other than

a thing called, Love


This poem is for One Shot Wednesday

This world imperfect

yet beauty still surrounds

A war continues

though courage does abound

Effort required

but hope can still be found

Garden of new life

born from seeds spread around

Peace sown with your hands

grows over the red ground