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Love lingers on, even

 after much of hope has passed away

with time, and the earth seems

flat again; it’s sharp edges cutting deep

 Still, some continue to struggle

in contradiction of the calm

that peace desperately needs to breathe

Confrontation has no part in the nature

of love and peace, therefore

it is never true when one says

they are fighting a war for peace

Weathering The Whether


After the rain, when

the greens became so green

the wind began to blow

with a bitter cold

reminding us to be

grateful for the warmth

of the golden sun

We had complained

just days ago of

the relentless heat

even dreading, what

lies ahead, as spring

turns to summer

I came to realize, then

 that we change

as much as the weather

only, it has no choice


Lately, my head feels like five o’clock traffic

though there’s no one here making any noise

we’re almost completely disconnected

each traveling in different directions on

missions unformed or unspoken of

and I keep thinking that the only way

we’ll all meet again is by crashing

head on into one another


Step gently into this journey

there is much that you do not yet know

but as you venture into the unknown

do not be afraid; you will never become lost

if, in seeking your destiny

you become keenly aware, that

love is the path

Paper Love


It wasn’t the thing

though I adored your choice of things

‘Twasn’t the price or quantity; nor size

but the unexpected moment of surprise

It wasn’t an occasion or special day of the week

 that became all its own; so sweet

It was the wanting to, the thoughtful intention, the just-because

It was all those things; It was pure love

Photo 123

the new year has begun without the sun

landscape of grey, choice hue for the day

but winter often lacks sun; outnumbering clouds have won

so, while we wait for golden rays, inward we search to find our way

thinking of future days and days past, all those memories held fast

with hope for peace in days to come; inner and outer wars, forever done


No need to wrap it up

shouldn’t hide it ‘neath the tree

it’s much too special for that

anyone would have to agree

it’s okay to be seen; also heard

the perfect fit, just like a glove

the only cost a willing heart

to give the world, the gift of love


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