Category: Tanka


I’m waiting for you

beneath the tree, in a chair

change everything if you dare

colors; the feel of the air

Oh, a leaf fell in my hair

Hurry back to me

spread your breeze across my skin

rustle trees and then

teach the leaves to dance again

I’ve missed you so, my dear friend



BE YOURSELF, they say

as if a definite state

It’s ever-changing

parts drop away, others cling

Like evolution, just BE


Carry your baggage

until you can put it down

where you’ll forget it

Then, pick up some happiness

It can’t be contained


Pouring your heart out

will only leave it empty

more likely to break

Share the bounty with others

you’re sure to get free refills

Love is a feeling

which must flow without thinking

If you have to think

is this love, that I’m feeling

there is no flow, thus no love

April spills her rain

Mother Earth drinks it all in

turning a bit green

But it suits her to a tee

as she shows off in the spring


How long is too long

to wait while one is sleeping

Though the choice be yours

to wake to the truth or not

I would love to see your eyes