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Decided to recycle my past

found it never served me well

could be a better use for things that don’t last

and I wasn’t ready to sell; well

the past turned into something new

twas brightly colored, but minus the blues

better, present, a lot smarter, too

you know, I figure, I can stand to learn a thing or two


Little by little

we grow, like flowers in spring

blossoming upward

delighting the eyes of those

who pause, to view the beauty


Well, well, All’s not well

I think If That did beat All

for the way he looked

Now he’s not right with the world

even if it is a stage


It’s the sparkle, the shine

as your eyes join mine

the look of radiant light

shouting your pure delight

from a kiss long and deep

I feel my very soul leap

When your hand touches mine

I float into a world divine

and as I let myself go

love’s river swiftly flows


Those tangled red strings

bind deep cuts; numbing the sting

to cover all dings

so, when love floats ever near

cracks just seem to disappear


I gave my heart to you

freely, I did; all that I had to give

so that you would know me

my little dove

and of a mother’s love

But, how could I know

that you would take that love

my little dove

then fly away, where the going

and the way, would only say

how I gave all my love

my little dove

to a little dove

who could never

share a little love

with me; and I

just want

your love


What if you can’t lift

the weight of a heavy heart?

Should you work out more

or just come to realize

that the heart can’t be muscled?