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Colors lying all across the ground

yellow, orange, red, and brown

but I thought only of red

seeing this, after the trees had shed

because it’s the only human one

flowing through us until we’re done

It’s not what shows up on our skin

unless another, unkindly, breaks in

tearing us apart; instead of twirling

together, dancing and swirling

like the sweet, falling leaves

on the morning’s autumn breeze








There’s no time for romancing

but sometimes we’re still dancing

in the kitchen; laughing

like before, ’til our sides

are stitching, where nothing

seemed a chore, side by side

it was all fun and laughing

not just in the kitchen, smiles wide

no troubles to be ditching; dancing,

lots of dancing; time, not a thought

 when it led to later romancing

They were too close

to breathe; stopped

by all manner of bricks

which pseudo-hit

through the years

or at least, her

so that even though

dancing together

again after a long

passage of time

in satisfactory rhythm

the starry night sky

captured her gaze in

a way more familiar