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This land of plenty

has plenty who starve each day

in plenty of pain

while some are filled with plenty

of themselves and their disdain



Sunshine, so divine

Frigid  winter’s sparkling sign

Like a God, you’re there

Giving warmth for all to share

In your light, the world will shine


Self-lived rules

worn as if jewels

can slap you in the face

threatening a sure-stepped pace

when outside interference

challenges unchallenged adherence

Presented with a never-seen view

and all its terms to come to

your world is forever changed

simply by a thought pattern, rearranged

Then, life-long rules

may free-handedly paint you a fool

When the world stings

attach and tightly cling

to the strings of the little things

They’ll help take away the sting

Some moments
take my breath away
in a way
that’s so okay
But some days
take my breath away
and the way
is not okay
like today

Don’t want to be a chicken in a coop

while a tiny patch of sunlight moves by

but I know that gravity can hold things down

and how I wasn’t built for the sky

So, instead of pecking at dreams on the ground

I’ll just raise them up really, really high

give a great big push of the belief in my mind

then smile, as they grow wings

and never have to die



If you make a life choice

based solely

on the happiness

it will bring

be also prepared

for the delusion

For to know

what joy is

you must also

have to meet sorrow

Being resolute

in your purpose

does not guarantee

everlasting peace

For not only

will you often rejoice

with total abandon

you will also suffer most

because of that which

is closest in mind

and dearest

to your heart

yin yang image from wikipedia

red border mine