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It’s not all gloom and it’s not all doom

we’ll get through, though we are on the brink

fortunately, we have  brains that can think

Minds are joining to learn what to do

while hands will work to see the job through

In our separate homes

we don’t have to feel alone

if we use even one of the ways

we can reach out to each other, in a day

There are many, so many, hearts that must give

just so that, they and humanity, can truly live

Maybe right now, we cannot touch hands

but certainly, we can all try to dance

There are millions of songs to sing

simply for the soul-lifting joy they bring

We can seek out laughter, to keep the opposite at bay

bright eyes and smiles can definitely lighten the way

And when fear starts to creep into your head

if it’s daytime, stay busy;  if night, read a good book before bed

In the morning, look to nature for the lessons it may bring

 after the darkest storm, the sky becomes a cloudless, deep blue, and the birds sing

And in this moment, even amidst the turmoil, still, we can embrace the beauty of a brand new spring




So pure, the petaled of Eden

where beauty practices magic

casting spells in every color

 to capture in paint

on camera

or mind’s lasting eye

How serene, the sound of song

 gently spreading waves of calm

which flow through an open soul

so sing out loud

in glory

from love’s deepest source

Ever sweet, the winged and feathered

who distract without intention

dissipating the surrounding world

oh please, grant wings

of soaring

for heavenly skies

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