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upon a time

a life began

but what if

life could last

longer than a time

it’s said a lifetime can

if you knew you’d never die

would you try to end your life

or would you just die to learn

the way to live, the way to love

give, forget time, forgive

forget, forgive, give

give love, live

you’d then discover

life much longer

than the life

that began

upon a time




Sometimes you finally get through

even when you least know what to do

It could be the carefully chosen words you say

or nothing more than the time of day

But, I’d like to believe, that the one more try

though you thought you could no longer abide

because the distance had grown so wide

turned out  to be, the very reason, why


Stop yanking at it
Let it stay where it is
It doesn’t come out
It was meant to stay inside
But it’s okay to touch it

flowers                                          bloom
bloom                                                                          in
in                                                                                                   all
all                                                                                                                       colors
colors                                                                                                                                      of
of                                                                                                                                                       the
the                                                                                                                                                                     rainbow

rainbow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           >+)

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Remember to look both ways

my dear Aunt Mae used to say

when I’d leave the house to play

Strong advice from the start

wise, she was; and such a part

of many lessons I’ve taken to heart

Thus, I’ve come to agree

there’s more than one way to see

anything that you may see

Like a door that swings two ways

your view changes, whether you’re coming in or walking away

So, if the door, or what you see, hits you hard somewhere today

don’t forget to always look both ways

Alone I’ve walked, many days

questioning love, taken away

Was there ever love?

Or was I the fool?

If the lesson to be learned

is that love may not last

why would one ever

rise to such task?

How could it be love

if the question need be asked?

Or, once knowing all this

does one give, trying to selflessly pretend

that it is not the very thing for which we all live?

The dollar short

may be stretched to fit

but the day late

I’m ashamed to admit

is forever gone;

can’t get it back

Why do we waste

good time like that?

Let’s all decide

to treasure time

loving each minute

as an experience sublime

There’d be no more regret

if onlys, or I wishes;

just lives filled up with

a long currency of riches