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Life Score

If your heart

has lost it’s beat

search your soul

for new rhythm

then your mind

will slip into

something more comfortable

as you dance

to the music

of your life


It can start as an ache

or a choke on the intake

It becomes something you make

even, a reason to bake

But it could turn out to be fake

worn with no give, only take

Then havoc will wreak

where, all for its sake

a vital part begins to break

until the day you awake

to the monstrous mistake

and simply, give it the shake

Tin man’s at it again

heart-hunting for one

soft, tender, a little too big

no matter if it’s scarred

it could be the vessel to harbor

the hollow echo of his being

I’ve heard horror stories

 of his heart lynchings

 I hide mine deep within

for fear he may spy

the swelling of my chest

or notice the look of


love on my face while

my heart, the prey

of his emptiness

lies in wait

to be ripped apart