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She’s searching for a new basket

the other one is full; so this time

she’ll choose things that can’t crack or

get scrambled, fried, turn rotten

lesson learned when it got so heavy

no longer conducive to carrying

better to keep it light, with a touch

of variety, to add some spice

hopefully not too late to put

something different in, though

certainly, it won’t be her all

that’s already been done, and

when the bottom fell out

it was such a mess to clean up

she’s searching for a new basket

perhaps one, without a handle


Come in all, and have a seat

you are in for a real treat

join with us to speak your heart

this is the new place for word art

paint your picture for all to see

i know you’ll shine with imagery

and inspiration; well, you’ll write the book

as we keep returning for another look

ideas will bounce from brain to brain

while all join together in a joyous refrain

(background serenade by my sweet husband)

on certain thoughts, my head turns muddy

no longer sure of where i sit

though others might think me a fuddy-duddy

the real truth is, i’m confused a bit

i once thought i had most things figured out

but nowadays i’m not so self-assured

long-held views losing pace to unsought doubt

whose barreling entrance can’t be deterred

questions arise without permission

especially when i lay me down to sleep

my main goal now, is to recondition

all queries, so they never even make a peep

these days

i say

i DON’T care

a lot

but i DO

these days

i say

i don’t CARE

a lot

because it’s easier

these days

i still

really CARE

a lot

i DO

these days

i still

really care


but it’s easier

these days

to say

i DON’T care

than to say

i DO