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Photo 31

We the scarred of life and heart

whose sole proof resides inside

chained, we go on; again, we start

To rise above, we first must rise

§ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

With a color unseen in art

though we do certainly bleed

we begin to rely on heavier parts

As our heads enlighten, our hearts are freed

With the start

as fresh as bright white sheets

hung out to dry

eyelids flutter

admitting dazzling light

feet make contact

with what seems like

 a narrow wire blowing

in a strong wind

a vivid dream

still clinging to  branches

loosens it’s hold

of the sleep tree

 mind’s fuzziness forms thought

cup of coffee

body responds

with its forward stumble

to the kitchen

 toe hits a chair

sharp pain jolts you awake

you close your eyes

but can’t escape

this day has YOU in it