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Been on a search

throughout the season(s)

for hope, understanding

for the best reason

to cling to this tree

keep singing my song

defy sadness, disappointment

never resort to wrong

Always led back to one thing

though questioned when put to test

the most pressing thought

as sun rises east, sets west

is to give; give you this

as deep as the deepest tide

big enough for the world

there’s no time to bide

Please take this gift

pure, soft, warm, so true

then know you are loved

 my heart, I give to you 



                        (if you wish,

                          you could regift)



So pure, the petaled of Eden

where beauty practices magic

casting spells in every color

 to capture in paint

on camera

or mind’s lasting eye

How serene, the sound of song

 gently spreading waves of calm

which flow through an open soul

so sing out loud

in glory

from love’s deepest source

Ever sweet, the winged and feathered

who distract without intention

dissipating the surrounding world

oh please, grant wings

of soaring

for heavenly skies

5-34.mp3|titles=Audio Post]

In my heart’s pocket

lives a little bird

who has not yet taken wing

She hops about

this way and that

searching for the best song to sing

But this song is elusive

and hides from her

so she’s unable to find it’s tune

Awake she stands

knowing her voice won’t be heard

as sun steals night from the moon

In sadness she hides

morning’s song still amiss

wings folded at her sides

She longs to take flight

like others she’s seen

who’ve spread their wings so wide

She climbs out of her pocket

perches on the edge

then timidly lets herself go

It’s a very long way down

she feels afraid

unsure of what’s below

But as she descends

something seems to take control

and upward she begins to soar

In her elation of this feat

she finds her voice

in the notes that from her, begin to pour

Suddenly she realizes

the song was always tucked right inside her

and in rhythm with her beating wings

her joy sounds forth evermore

This poem is for One Shot Wednesday