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I forgot myself

to keep remembering you

while you, became you

But now, as I try

to recall who I am

I see that neither

you, nor I, can




She finally let go of the naive illusion

which to her way of thinking

had not been much of an intrusion

but certainly did add to a source of confusion

that people were as she saw them to be

® ® ® ® ®

She thought she knew them to be true

that the allowed parts shown

defined the understood who

Now, she knew she’d been the fool

facing the wall, the writing was all she could see

¶ ¶ ¶ ¶ ¶

But if this became a point of turning

where she’d become stronger

in the fine art of discerning

the lesson should be so worth the learning:

 What you get may not nearly be what you see

≠ ≠ ≠ ≠ ≠


Love caught my eyes and held them

so I had to look carefully at love

but noticed a greasy film spattered over it

I tried to scrub off the thick smudges

that tainted its clear sweetness

though nothing seemed to cut through

I felt love again and again

still, the stickiness repelled my touch

Not long ago, love had been unmuddied

by the never-to-be-prepared-for unthinkables

I thought it would always be shiny, glistening

like a just-cleaned window you could see straight through

Now, I just want love to let go of my eyes

until I can see more clearly

You give

they take

you thrive

You hold tight

they let go

you fall

You stay

they fly

you are lost

They wander

you search

though not for them

They return

 you journey on

they become still

Your eyes close

you see through

they see you