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Paper Love


It wasn’t the thing

though I adored your choice of things

‘Twasn’t the price or quantity; nor size

but the unexpected moment of surprise

It wasn’t an occasion or special day of the week

 that became all its own; so sweet

It was the wanting to, the thoughtful intention, the just-because

It was all those things; It was pure love



While you are waiting

for tomorrow

’til sorrow has passed

time is running away

Days gone, will never

come back

They lack the means

that’s the price they must pay

So, wait no longer

focus on now

and how to believe

 in the glory of today

Photo 16

We’ll pay the cost

by what we have lost

The feel of a definite shift

a change in the air; souls adrift

As if  breath has been sucked from our chest

we’re left wondering; is this real or just a test

 Everyone has a price to pay

some over time; others, all in one day

No one gets away