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We must grow a bit, when

our hearts are too big

Soon, they will fit back

inside our vests, less prone

to unforeseen elements, than

on outer clothing; well cushioned

in the event of a huge blow

This, keeping all parts contained, allows

for no missing pieces, when finally

we are able to locate the best type of glue


There isn’t a (w)hole

if love is withdrawn from you

just broken pieces

& & & & & & &

Love is a strong glue

which puts us back together

if  it is opened



Bits and pieces of them

hang from the ceilings

on windowless walls

still other parts sit

atop different shelves

as little by little

THEY disappear

 Lately I’ve taken to

 pouring my heart out

into a bucket of words

used to paint hope

on the back fence