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So, what of love, I fret

knowing I must not have it right, yet

Tormented to blue so much

with all this passion and such

Tempted to seek apathy as spare for the pain

but that’s like believing a wish could stop the pouring rain

Love pounds down, strips to bare our most fragile part

to ache, to burn, to rip apart

 The bleeding makes it real

our humanity should make us feel

As a species it’s this, that is unique

from our very first day, love is what we seek

But how can I survive; stay alive

when this inner conflict never subsides

Love, so brutal, is slowly killing me

but without this war of self, only an empty shell I’d be

So, what of love, always spilling from my pen

Let me know you, love, I beg you again

No hands doth a heart have

How then can it hold love

 carry burdens heavy

or touch another’s

This vessel which feels

 passion, pain, love

 without end of depth

hath no need of these

nor limbs of any sort

for it holds, carries,

touches, feels in ways

hands could never

unless they turn to ash

 Damaged or broken

 still it beats on

physically whole

the shattering silent

to ears and eyes

while longing

for hands

to hold it