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On her wrist, rests a sample of her Dreams

while the Sun rises from her heart

but she doesn’t know who she is

Two, hovering, white Doves beckon to her

A taste of yearning brushes against her lips

causing her to wonder how

she can keep breathing

 for the rest of her life

Photo 31

We the scarred of life and heart

whose sole proof resides inside

chained, we go on; again, we start

To rise above, we first must rise

§ § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

With a color unseen in art

though we do certainly bleed

we begin to rely on heavier parts

As our heads enlighten, our hearts are freed

Life Score

If your heart

has lost it’s beat

search your soul

for new rhythm

then your mind

will slip into

something more comfortable

as you dance

to the music

of your life

Coming Soon

REAL LIFE,  is now t.v. drama

it’s participants merely

acting out some pathetic part

They should be paid millions

Certainly the skills are much better

than those of trained actors

There are the ones who pretend

to care, as they manipulate

their so-called friends, parents,

husbands, wives, or partners

Some are experts at rationalizing

while others constantly pat themselves

on the back, as they puff their heads up

Then there are those who instead

of trashing the poor acting job

they have been doing, decide

they’ll play a new part

one of power and control

So, they begin to beat a poor soul

with a bat, in the dark of night

or steal a young child

sleeping in his crib

or kidnap and rape a teenager

as she walks home from

her school bus stop

or stab and rob someone

for money, for their drug habit

or shoot to kill any random being

that lines up in the rifle scope

So, who needs reality shows on t.v.

They are just child’s play

If you really want some drama

in your day, turn off the t.v.

and look around you

REAL LIFE is coming soon

to a theater called YOU

everyone can fall

when tripping over life’s bumps

but if we’re not dead

bouncing up is more fun than

slipping into a dark hole


upon a time

a life began

but what if

life could last

longer than a time

it’s said a lifetime can

if you knew you’d never die

would you try to end your life

or would you just die to learn

the way to live, the way to love

give, forget time, forgive

forget, forgive, give

give love, live

you’d then discover

life much longer

than the life

that began

upon a time



Everyday people die

but sometimes it catches you

so off-guard

you can only question why

I’d saved the paper from three days before

hoping to get a chance

to read through it

once time offered more

So, on this rainy morning, I pulled it out

looked through the news

scanned the ads

then an obituary invoked an inner shout

I went into a shocked state

for she was my doctor

had delivered a child of mine

I’d just visited her of late

Although she did not look well

and I’d been told she was ill

I believed her to be on the mend

after she’d recently tripped and fell

Yes, I had received a letter

that noted she would be

taking a break from work

but never did I think she wouldn’t get better

But there it was in black on white

she’d died three days

past Christmas morning

my mind just couldn’t make it right

Somehow I felt I was meant to know

since onto that paper

I had held

but, reading those words was such a huge blow

It may take days for it to sink in

I’ve thought of her family

a husband, two girls, a father

how difficult it must have been

What was the reason

a brain tumor

some kind of fate

or, was it just her season

A sense of sorrow overtakes me

stops me in my tracks

then a wish to live fully and long

to become everything that I’m meant to be

Yes, dear people die all the time

it really makes me think of them

and how they spent their lives

then I realize I must make the most

of every minute of  mine