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When I was blind

in a very small world

within my mind’s eye

there once lay the thought

of an undiscovered space, so beautiful

arrived at by means

of a lovely, tree-lined

light-filtered path

Within a shared dream

this would become our meeting ground

to which we could return

again and again, even as

our journey carried us forward

beyond vast waters

toward the distant line

where earth meets sky

Then, at the close of life’s measured time

shining in the light

of the glistening stars

ever bestowed with

the lightness of being

we would gratefully rejoice

in the transformative power

of a single thought

of unity

But now,  I see








Step gently into this journey

there is much that you do not yet know

but as you venture into the unknown

do not be afraid; you will never become lost

if, in seeking your destiny

you become keenly aware, that

love is the path

Geta (Wooden Sandal)

These shoes fit me fairly well

I’ve worn them for a time

The shoes on your feet

very different from mine

Never have I tried yours on

neither have you mine, in kind

You know not the condition of my sole(s)

nor I, whether your walk might lead to gold

I will gladly tell you of my shoes

the journey, the comfort, the wear and tear

I too, will listen if, of your shoes

you choose some tales you dare to share

We then, will learn of each other’s trudging

and thus avoid a quickness in judging