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Photo 123

the new year has begun without the sun

landscape of grey, choice hue for the day

but winter often lacks sun; outnumbering clouds have won

so, while we wait for golden rays, inward we search to find our way

thinking of future days and days past, all those memories held fast

with hope for peace in days to come; inner and outer wars, forever done



If a heart has holes in it

joy leaks right through

This dampens hope

rendering it unable

to repair so many tears

Thus, hope reaches

for the protective coat

of love’s sweet embrace

before joy runs out

In union with love

hope finds strength to mend

this worn, torn heart

so once more, it can

hold joy inside



Photo 46

I found myself today

I had been lost in the moment

as I walked toward a distant light

I looked upward to see the most brilliant blue

but not to feel it; I breathed deeply

without holding my shallow breath

Beauty filled these brimming eyes as

I stood before an ever-changing world

I saw the hope of my future while

the despair of my past faded from view

And although death’s darkness had

stolen irretrievable bits of my heart

life firmly grasped my waiting hands






He’s off in the distance

but she’s so nearsighted

He’s becoming a speck

like her wind-blown kite did

Time soars, while she’s just lost

in love unrequited

As the air remains still

Hope is subdivided


Been on a search

throughout the season(s)

for hope, understanding

for the best reason

to cling to this tree

keep singing my song

defy sadness, disappointment

never resort to wrong

Always led back to one thing

though questioned when put to test

the most pressing thought

as sun rises east, sets west

is to give; give you this

as deep as the deepest tide

big enough for the world

there’s no time to bide

Please take this gift

pure, soft, warm, so true

then know you are loved

 my heart, I give to you 



                        (if you wish,

                          you could regift)


Must admit

that though about to quit

time taking over bit by bit

just wouldn’t give doubt the benefit

held onto gathered wits

then alas, I found it

shining and brightly lit

HOPE, on the face of it



Bits and pieces of them

hang from the ceilings

on windowless walls

still other parts sit

atop different shelves

as little by little

THEY disappear

 Lately I’ve taken to

 pouring my heart out

into a bucket of words

used to paint hope

on the back fence