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You give

they take

you thrive

You hold tight

they let go

you fall

You stay

they fly

you are lost

They wander

you search

though not for them

They return

 you journey on

they become still

Your eyes close

you see through

they see you

With the start

as fresh as bright white sheets

hung out to dry

eyelids flutter

admitting dazzling light

feet make contact

with what seems like

 a narrow wire blowing

in a strong wind

a vivid dream

still clinging to  branches

loosens it’s hold

of the sleep tree

 mind’s fuzziness forms thought

cup of coffee

body responds

with its forward stumble

to the kitchen

 toe hits a chair

sharp pain jolts you awake

you close your eyes

but can’t escape

this day has YOU in it

Leaving the grocery, I was told

I have a beautiful green soul

by the guy with a space

where a tooth should be in place

Then, as the car began to roll

Mumford and Sons sang Away My Soul 

I thought about what all this means

how I guess a soul could  be green

At the movie theater nearby

I was helped by a guy

who, when looking into his eyes

I witnessed the most beautiful green

soul-windows I believe I have seen

So taken was I, I told him so

as he handed me the tickets to go

I then hurried on my way

for it was a special day

where years have passed since our first date

so we had good cause to celebrate

But I’ll be happier still with this fate

if he is truly, my beautiful green soulmate

Our eyes shall delight

at morn’s early light

while trees don their spring greenery

 as a backdrop of gorgeous scenery

 rising sun speckles its shine

to highlight subtle hues divine

amid saturated beauty of floral display

time slows, as we breathe in the day


How long is too long

to wait while one is sleeping

Though the choice be yours

to wake to the truth or not

I would love to see your eyes