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Before, there was no time to think

thoughts which were mine alone

Sanity always on the brink

matter rubbing against the bone

Now, my head, in a fog so dense

seems stuck in lowest gear

But I’m driving through the darkness, on a train from whence

toward a shift into the clear

Then, when morning comes, with it’s sparkling dew

like a curious child, I shall start anew

pondering dreams my heart will send

of sunnier days, carried in on the wind







Photo 267

Oh, glorious sky of day

coaxing this darkness from where it lay

Open your eyes,”  I hear you say

 Joining sun, you pull these blues away

All is well; my fears allay


Oh, velvety sky of night

soak this heart in brilliant starlight

make it sparkle; golden and bright

Unleash the dreams behind these eyes

as past and present become allies




Photo 45

What’s in your head

No wonder it aches

Your pillow can’t hold it

and shoulders do break

Clear your mind (he says)

There’s erasers, bulldozers, explosions

Speculate on the method, since

some could cause a bit of erosion

Once you’ve got it figured out

you can then, go on to bed

where you will have made room for

the lovely, buried dreams, still

waiting inside your head





On her wrist, rests a sample of her Dreams

while the Sun rises from her heart

but she doesn’t know who she is

Two, hovering, white Doves beckon to her

A taste of yearning brushes against her lips

causing her to wonder how

she can keep breathing

 for the rest of her life

Don’t want to be a chicken in a coop

while a tiny patch of sunlight moves by

but I know that gravity can hold things down

and how I wasn’t built for the sky

So, instead of pecking at dreams on the ground

I’ll just raise them up really, really high

give a great big push of the belief in my mind

then smile, as they grow wings

and never have to die