I have returned and I am ready to share with you again. Thank you to one and all for the kind words for my son and myself. While I was away, I have been honored with The Perfect Poet Award from Amrita Ghosh which I post here along with my nomination.

I nominate Fiveloaf for The Perfect Poet Award.

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If  home is where the heart is

then, this one

made of deep red elastic

has omnipresently stretched

across this country, as well as

to the far corners of the world

and into the hereafter

transcending even death

Mine is a heart of many homes

with a welcome mat lying

on each doorstep

the doors, standing wide open

But, can this bottomless pitcher

of love’s outpouring

be truly felt, here and afar

each time the mind thinks

of a loved one

or someone in need?

My heart has many homes

but my eyes

remain in the clouds

with my head

Oh, but wait

I see a white dove

headed my way

with something red

held in his beak