Old is my new acquaintance, who

is maybe here to stay

but where did Young go?

What ever happened to my friend, Carefree?

I can’t seem to find them no matter where I look

If I could still run, I’d chase Old away

Then, maybe Young and Carefree

would return to me

Sad has taken up residence inside my heart

He’s very heavy and dug in so deep

there is just no room for Joy anymore

So, she has moved on to find another heart

with more room and all new amenities

Alone is truly my best friend of all

he’s very quiet; sits around

doesn’t do much, just passes Time

This is easy since Time is very slow

Sometimes I wonder if Time even moves

I think maybe he just stopped

so he could catch up with Alone and me                                                        

These lovely awards were given to me by Fiveloaf and Kavita

This beautiful award was given to me by Riikainfinityy