How can I make a difference in a world full of woe

in a world that’s ever-changing, I’m searching high to know

Still a dreamer, dreaming in hope, of a way

to make some vastly everlasting mark today

A change that inspires; a change that lights a spark

One that catches like wildfire, to pull us out of the dark

The only answer that seems true is to make love, to give love

to be love and to live love, starting with each day anew

I know it can’t be done alone, it is so much bigger than me

But together we can join and so set the world free

So, come with me now; hold onto my hand

Turn to the one next to you, help them up to a stand

Make a chain of love, it will be so much stronger than

sorrow or grief, anger or despair; as you bind tightly with your fellowman

Let your goal be one of forgiveness for all the sad hurts of the past

Move forward in hope toward a love that will last

Love first, your God, your significant other

Love your beautiful children, your sisters and your brothers

Love and be kind to the creatures; love this great, grand earth

Love the sky above and the glistening sea; cherish fully  your own birth

Give back more,  for every single thing you take

Be thankful for each morning as you again, awake

Love this life with all your  tender heart; really live this life in your own best way

It could erase all hatred and cease then, all wars, holding evil’s tightly gripped hand at bay

So, I’ll begin my difference-making right now, today

I’ll start by extending my hand in love, your way

Come with me now

For Thursday Poets Rally

I was given this beautiful award by Buttercup.

These beautiful awards were given to me by Jingle